Meet Hong Kong’s Finest Swingers

Meet Hong Kong’s Finest Swingers

We are always keen on meeting new people. Our search for entertainment and work take us to the most exotic places and we are sure we want to know more about the world. When we travelled to Hong Kong this last week, we meet with five amazing swingers that knew exactly who we were. We did not know that SwingersHub is so big in China and more particularly in Hong Kong itself.

What started as a casual meet and great at a Starbucks close to the marina because into this massive full swap session where we were entertained with oriental beauties. We knew that the chinese people were avid love makers but we least expected them to be hardcore sex fantastics. We were so impressed with the way they treat each other. Their openness to indulge in varied sexual activities is something that must be appreciated. They performed for us. We were given blowjobs, hand jobs, foot jobs, anal pleasure and so much more. It was a true delight for any swinger.

Hong Kong has been beautiful on this trip and we want to have one more fuck session with these amazing people just before we leave. Pics enclosed.

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29 thoughts on “Meet Hong Kong’s Finest Swingers”

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