Our First Experience

Our First Experience

Our first experience was not planned at all: My wife & me just had invited my friend and his spouse for dinner. After the dinner we were chatting and after another bottle of wine my friend somehow raised the idea of a foursome and talked us all into it.
15 minutes later the two ladies were laying on our bed naked, legs spread and waiting for the action. So we guys started to go down on each other’s wife, eating them out. When we wanted to start fcuking them there were no condoms handy as this whole event was not planned at all. So we barebacked the girls simultaneous.
I found my friend’s wife to be very tight down there so I shot my load in her rather quickly, at least earlier than my friend. So I rolled off her and watched my wife getting pounded for some more minutes before he came deep in her.
After that we four all lay on our bed. I was done as I had drunk too much during and after the dinner which works as a perfect erection killer for me. Actually I was glad that I had managed to do his wife. For my friend alcohol works just the other way round, the more he drinks, the hornier he gets and surely enough he recovered rather quickly.
In this situation my wife took my hand and led it to my friend’s Johnson so this was my very first time to touch another man’s hard one. It was s a completely different feel than touching my own, soft on the outside but with a hard core, somehow weird.
My friend then entered his own wife, going for the sloppy seconds. She soon asked him to stop and to finish with my wife again, as she could not take it any longer. But he ignored her request and kept on banging her until he finally blew his second load in her.

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