Swing this Summer

Swing this Summer

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Hey Swingers,

It’s been a while since we blogged or added much here but we want everyone of you to know that we have not forgotten you. It’s been a real great few weeks with so many parties happening at different parts of the world. We do hope that you managed to find a party worth attending.

This summer, we are keen on adding more members to this inner circle of wife swapping and sharing where you can invite your friends to be a part of this VIP club for FREE. Yes. We don’t want to start charging your friends to be a part of this community and hence we have extended the FREE membership offer till May 30th.

There are a big bunch of parties scheduled this summer and we hope that you and your partner can make it. Remember, if you want to host a party in your area, we will sponsor the cost of it and help you make it a smashing success.

We do hope that the lifestyle is treating you well.

Cheers and have an amazing summer!

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46 thoughts on “Swing this Summer”

  1. Hello,
    We absolutely love this site so with that said we are new to the lifestyle and are very excited to start. Any advise you could give would be appreciated. The wife is nervous and excited. Hope to meet some delioush young or middle age men to share her with. I love it so much just to see her being filled by another guy especially a Hung and thick cock guy. Not at all racist so all men are Great. ????????????

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