A Night with Ken & Deb

A Night with Ken & Deb

It’s been many years since my wife was up for a full swap, or any other sexual experience outside of the marriage bed. When we were younger, we use to play around with others all the time (together) with groups, couples and singles. But the last time was about 15 years ago. However, she recently surprised me and we had a full swap with a couple. Every year we take a couple of weeks off and go to family camp. It’s a nice break from the busyness of life and time for us to be away from the kids (for the most part). The kids stay in the youth dorms while we stay in the ‘motel’ on the campgrounds (it’s too hot for real tent camping).

This year we met a couple, Ken and Deb, that was staying in the room next to us and visited with them often though the 10 days of camp. After about 3 days of sitting out on the porch chatting and having cold sodas to drink Ken and I got to talking away from the women. He mentioned that he thought my wife was quite attractive and wondered what I thought about his. Deb is quite the looker, place her at a solid 8, very petite with nice round cup sized breasts and a tight little turkey butt. Her dark, South American complexion, deep brown eyes and dark hair just added to her beauty. I told him I was very attracted to her. He then asked if I thought my wife might be up to swapping, and I had to tell him that I seriously doubted it, but I’d ask because I really wanted to have a go with his wife.  I brought the subject up with Laura, my wife a bit later that night while we were having sex. At first it was her standard, No!, but after talking about if for several minutes, she could see that it really mattered to me (I was so hard it hurt) and she said that she’d do it for me. I exploded inside her within seconds.

The next day I caught Ken’s attention and let him know that Laura was willing to participate in a swap, or at least give it a whirl. He was really glad to hear it, so we set up a date for later that night (before my wife could back out) just after the youth curfew (didn’t want my kids interrupting us). I spent the rest of the day fantasizing about our get together and thankfully the day passed by amazingly fast.

At about 10:30pm we knocked on our neighbours’ door and Deb answered. She was wearing a very short black dress with a low cut neckline and her hair was pulled back in a tight, short pony tail. I wanted to jump her right there. She invited us in and offered us something to drink, and we originally declined. Then I saw that they had a cooler full of beer and Mike’s, and a bottle of Bookers on the table with several glasses (camp is supposed to be alcohol free). Laura quickly accepted a Mike’s and I took a whiskey. Laura finished hers in minutes while we made some small talk and was offered a second, which she eagerly accepted. About halfway through Laura’s second bottle of Mike’s, Ken suggested that Deb show us what she was wearing under the dress. Deb stood up and walked to the far side of the room, reached around the back of her neck and released the strap. The dress fell smoothly to the floor revealing perfectly formed, perky B. I was hard in seconds as I stared at her naked beauty. I heard Laura choke on her hard lemonade as Deb’s dress fell to the ground, followed shortly by “Shut your mouth, you’re drooling, honey.”

Deb walked over to me and knelt in front of me. “Like what you see?” she asked with a wicked grin on her face. “Let’s see how much you like it,” she said unzipping my pants. My thing forced its way past my boxer briefs and sprang upright. “Oh my, you do like what you see,”. Oh God, did she know how to suck a ****. Her tongue ran the length of the vein on the underside of my **** and back up. And talk about suction! I’ve never had my **** sucked so hard by anyone! As she was sucking my ****, she reached down with her other hand and squeezed my balls. I thought I was gonna *** right then! My eyes were in the back of my head as I enjoyed her wonderful mouth on my ****, I lost sense of time, but every time I thought I was going to ***, she let up and waited until I could take more. When I finally opened my eyes, Laura was laying on the bed across from me, her legs in the air, skirt hiked up over her waist with Ken’s face buried in her *****. I could tell she was enjoying what he was doing down there, but I could plainly see that she didn’t want to enjoy it. She looked my way and I caught her eye, I mouthed, It’s okay, and she seemed to relax a bit.

Deb let her vacuum suction release my ****, “Go help her relax,” she whispered up to me.

I walked over to the bed and lay down next to my wife. I leaned over and kissed her, and she returned the kiss. I could feel the stress and tightness in her body as we kissed. I reassured her that is was okay to let go and enjoy herself, just let her body go and enjoy the sex as stress therapy. As we kissed, Deb crawled into the bed on Laura’s other side and gently stroked her breasts. Laura inhaled deeply at the touch. Then she suddenly stiffened and bit my lip, having her first ****** of the night, and then I felt her relax. All the tenseness seemed to have melted away and she kissed me deeply, passionately. Deb was still caressing her body, placing soft kissed all over her chest. “Oh God! Right there!” Laura exclaimed. Ken had two fingers in her ***** as he was sucking the top of her mound. While she shook with another ******, Deb placed a passionate kiss on Laura’s lips which she returned.


“Do you want his **** in you, Baby?” I asked.

“Oh yes!” she replied. “I want to feel him deep inside me ******* me.”

“Tell Ken you want that. Tell him to **** you.”

“**** me please, Ken,” she begged. “I want to feel your **** inside me.”

Ken pushed her up further and then slid between her legs. I walked around to the other side of bed while Ken pushed his **** into Laura’s waiting *****. “Holy ****!” he exclaimed. “She feels ******* great!” She moaned loudly as his **** sunk deeper and deeper into her until he was balls deep into her. She inhaled sharply as she came all over his ****. “Oh yeah, so wet now,” Ken commented.

Deb was curled up around Laura as her husband slowly ****** my wife. I leaned over to kiss Deb and she stretched her neck to meet me. She sucked my tongue deep into her mouth. As we kissed I felt Laura’s hand on my cheek. With Deb on her side, I straddled her lower leg and entered her *****.

“Angel,” she whispered. I leaned in close. “He’s not wearing a condom,” she stated with some concern.

“I know, Baby,” I said reassuringly. “Neither am I.”

Laura smiled at me awkwardly. “But you can’t get her pregnant.”

I knew she wouldn’t enjoy him as much, but I had to offer. “Would you like him to wear a condom? Would that help you relax and enjoy him more?”  Ken had already grabbed a condom off the night stand and ripping open a condom. Laura moaned sadly as he pulled out.

“Maybe,” she groaned. “For now, anyway.”

Ken rolled the condom over his **** then reentered my wife. She sighed deeply as he slid all the way and began to pump her slowly. Laura raised her hips lightly with each thrust into her, and I could see in her eyes that she was enjoying his ****. As Ken slowly ****** my wife, I leaned over and kissed his.  I could hear Laura moaning softly as she enjoyed Ken’s ****, but I knew she wasn’t feeling him as much as she’d like. I wondered how long it would take before she had him take it off.

Deb’s ***** was tighter than Laura’s, and I enjoyed the extra friction I was getting because of it. While I enjoyed this position, with Deb facing Laura as they both got ******, I wasn’t getting the deep penetration I really wanted, so I rolled her and pulled up her onto her knees. This was a much better position and I sunk my **** deep inside her. Since Deb was no longer curled up around Laura, caressing her, Ken leaned forward began sucking on her breasts, which Laura loves, especially when you get to her nipples. Ken was grunting now as he thrust harder into Laura, and she was responding pleasantly to him, but I knew she wasn’t responding the way she would if he didn’t that latex covering his ****. Deb, on the other hand had to muffle herself into the mattress so we wouldn’t bother the occupants on the other side of the wall. I was going to *** soon and let Deb know it. She told me to *** deep inside her. No more than a minute later my balls began to twitch and ***** shot through my **** deep inside her soaked *****. She let out a loud scream as she was filled with my ***. I could feel my **** leaking out of her ***** and dripping down my balls. I finally pulled out and lay down next to Deb.

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