Truly We are the World’s Largest Swinging and Wife Swapping Network

The SwingersHub is a Members Only VIP Club that offers couples around the world an opportunity for them to meet other couples and share their most intimate moments. This is a dating network created exclusively for Adults that are over 18 years of age.

With so many advancements made in the world of Wife Swapping and Sharing, today’s next-generation couples are always looking out for a way through which they can share more with new people they want to meet.

Our philosophy sets us apart from the rest. We are the only club on the planet that takes great pride in knowing we have genuine members that are interested in the swinging lifestyle. Not only do we ensure that all our members are screened for genuinely being good players, but we also have a great administrative team that makes this network a really classy club. Our club follows a no pornographic policy and we adhere to the most strict rules around.

About Us

Our mission is simple. Be a service provider for couples around the world that are looking for a secure, private and decent way to meet other Like Minded Individuals or Couples. We know that it can be really difficult to find wife swapping couples that are truly genuine. That is why we have taken extra precaution to ensure that all our members are verified and screened for authenticity through a paid only members account. Our ultimate goal is to serve our members with a quality network of wife swapping couples that are interested in joining an elite club of swingers.