An Amazing Swingers Party in Mumbai

An Amazing Swingers Party in Mumbai

Mumbai is a haven for swingers and wife swapping couples. We’ve partied here a number of times and each time we come back here, it gets better than before. The couples here are amazing. They’re up for almost everything. In the beginning we used to think that maybe India is conservative but the couples in Mumbai proved that they are more into wife sharing and couple sharing than anywhere else in the world.


We were looking out for a host for a long time till Sid and Sharon decided to tell us that they are capable of hosting upto 10 couples. We knew this would be perfect and we agreed. The venue was a farmhouse in the outskirts of Mumbai. We caught Uber cabs and made our way out there. Those that wanted to drive got their own vehicles. We reached the venue at around 8PM and we realised we were already late. There are 6 other couples already inside socialising and getting to know each other. The ambience was amazing. Sid and Sharon did a lot to make sure the ambience was perfect. There were scented candles in the corners, the lights were dimmed, the air conditioning was perfect. Couples changed into a comfortable attire and when we stepped in, we just began playing games.


We started out playing truth or dare and it was great to see proactive participation from the wives. They were keen on kissing, stripping and doing all sorts of things. When we rolled our turn, my wife had to offer a blowjob to any other guy in the room. She selected this young brown eyed boy and she sucked him good. Watching this, it made me hard and I decided I would make a move on his wife who was also watching with panting heat. Everyone else in the room got horny and we took things further. We shared wives, kisses and more that night.


It was perfect. We cannot wait to be a part of the next swingers party in Mumbai. Thank you Sid and Sharon for making it so wonderful. PS: On our way back home the next morning, my wife said she never got fucked this good before and she wants to do it again. Here are a few random clicks we took out over the weekend.


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