How to Convince your Wife to Join a Swingers Club and Start Swapping

How to Convince your Wife to Join a Swingers Club and Start Swapping

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With more and more couples around the world joining swingers clubs, it has become a challenge to understand people and their demands. When we organize swingers parties, we try to take into account every like and dislike our members have. However, this too can become worrisome for some members that love their privacy. Most of the times, we get asked by married males on how they can introduce their wife into the swinging and swapping lifestyle. This is a totally valid question, after-all, we all love to have sex and this lifestyle is the perfect one for swingers around the world.

When you try to introduce your wife to swapping, you first need to understand if she is ready for this lifestyle or not. The best way to do this is by simply talking to her. Communication plays a vital role in this lifestyle and it is your duty to make her understand what your intentions are.

Firstly, find out if your wife is scare of other men. If she is, you need to make her comfortable around other men in your company. You need to make her understand that you like it when she flirts with other men. Once she understands this, she will be more open to meeting other men and women.

Once you have established a boundary with your wife, tell her that you like it when you spend time with other men and women. Go out for more parties, get social and talk to more people. Try to talk to sexy men and women that are also married. You can use Browse Members at the SwingersHub to meet other married couples that are into this lifestyle as well.

Ater you meet a couple, introduce your wife to them as just friends. Tell your wife if she is ok with a soft swap to begin the night. Once she agrees, you should take care of her since she could be scared as this would be the first time she is willing to let herself lose with another man. Assure your wife that you will take care of her. Ask her if you too can have fun with another woman. Always ask for permission. This is an optional lifestyle and getting consent from all partners is absolutely important.

If your wife is disgusted by the idea of full swap or soft swap, then you need to show her clips, articles and materials that show the benefit of swapping for long term marriages.

Never go for full swaps inititaly. Always meet other couples at restarurants, bars etc. Give your wife a little liquid courage to help kickstart conversations. Do not be shy to indulge in naughty conversations. Speak to your wife and other couples openly about sex. Remove the taboo that comes with swinging. Once you are able to do this, your wife will trust that you know what you are doing.

The goal to getting your wife convinced to swap and join a swingers club comes only when there is social proof or a friend that can vouch for it. Get your other couples or meet other swinging couples who are into husband and wife swapping to speak to your wife too. Find couples you and your wife can connect with and you are good to go.

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11 thoughts on “How to Convince your Wife to Join a Swingers Club and Start Swapping”

  1. Quite an interesting approach! There’s a lot to learn from this. Seems like being honest is key to all this. I feel very sad to see new couples forced into this lifestyle. That is not the way it’s supposed to be.

  2. Hi!
    This was very well written and exactly in line with the average female mind. Our introduction was different in that I was the one who started with some light chat almost a year before we did our first. I’d talk with my husband over wine in the back yard and every time we were playing in bed, I would watch my husband fucking me and sorta honed the most sensual moves I can physically do, just by watching in the mirrored closet doors. I started pushing my butt down into the mattress and then using my legs and abs to lift my hips to meet his thrust in midair. He was surprised and he liked that I was much more active. Then I started whispering “You like watching me fuck?” He’d look into the mirror and I could tell he was a very visual man. About 9 months later over our first summer dinner on our back patio I just decided to ask him and see where his mind was. About half-way through dinner I finally asked him if he would be turned on watching me in bed with another guy. After the pause for shock I was surprised he was supportive and he said as long as you pull it together I’d try it.” A month or so later our first was with his closest and most trusted friend. It was so erotic, freeing and of course felt great with me getting all the attention. It morphed into my husband being involved and our thing became something that changed me! I released a lot of old guilt demons while knowing I was able to experiment with eventually a few dozen different men. I / we still involve his best friend but even that has evolved into being OK if my husband is at work or busy away from home. When he gets home I tell him everything but then focus 100% on him. We have been married a long time, have college age kids and I am enjoying the most satisfying, physically fulfilling and exciting sex as if we were just married! Oh yes, that question about “Does size matter?” Only another woman who has experienced the difference between 20-30 minutes of fucking and thrusting sometimes waiting for the guy to ejaculate and 20-30 minutes of rock hard fullness bringing on deep thrusting orgasms; sometimes so many my tummy gets upset so I have to rest before going again. I get to decide how long and with who I and we will continue to do this, but for right now, at least three times a month and then almost every night with my husband makes my life awesome. Sorry for writing so much. I wrote an article about our first experience but it is too long to post on here I think. When my husband read it he was rock hard just laying in bed without touching anything. For anyone really curious I’d share it on here if the site owner approved.

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