Swing this Summer

Swing this Summer

Hey Swingers,

It’s been a while since we blogged or added much here but we want everyone of you to know that we have not forgotten you. It’s been a real great few weeks with so many parties happening at different parts of the world. We do hope that you managed to find a party worth attending.

This summer, we are keen on adding more members to this inner circle of wife swapping and sharing where you can invite your friends to be a part of this VIP club for FREE. Yes. We don’t want to start charging your friends to be a part of this community and hence we have extended the FREE membership offer till May 30th.

There are a big bunch of parties scheduled this summer and we hope that you and your partner can make it. Remember, if you want to host a party in your area, we will sponsor the cost of it and help you make it a smashing success.

We do hope that the lifestyle is treating you well.

Cheers and have an amazing summer!

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