SwingersHub 2.0

SwingersHub 2.0

It has been a tiring two months here at the SwingersHub studio and we have finally been able to see a day where the next-gen of swingers clubs has arrived. It gives us great honor in unveiling the all new SwingersHub website that is here to help wife swapping couples and cuckold singles a new way to experience the club.

As always, we have maintained the aesthetic appeal of the club to ensure that all our swingers recognise it immediately. We have introduced a number of great modifications and updates that are guaranteed to elevate our members experiences at the club.

The first thing we decided that had to be done was build an all new intuitive interface that has the best of UX and UI. Our developers and designers have now been able to bring together the best of design along with amazing functionality within the new website. To take things to the new level, we knew we had to go further. This is why we introduced a whole new way for members to keep track of what’s happening at the club. “The Timeline” is a new feature to arrive at the club that allows members to check out updates and statuses of their friends and other members of the club. We have also revamped the way our members chat, talk, send messages and interact with each other.

One of the biggest features that has been demanded by our members is finally here. The all new user forums is a great place to chat, meet and discuss things under a single roof. We went ahead and made a great deal of changes to the chatroom as well where now members can chat one-on-one with other members in live time.

Apart from the amazing new features that we have introduced, the biggest and newest entrant is that of the all new mobile interface. We have completely swamped and redesigned the website to fit any resolution, be it either on mobile phones or tablet computers. Now members can have complete access to everything in their hands wherever they go. We have also integrated the new mobile style into the Android app. Our next step is to being the same functionality to the iOS Apple Store.

One of the most promising features of the clubs, parties, now has a whole new design that comes with an invite request. This also means that users can start creating and hosting their own parties and invite the people they want to see.

We know that security and privacy are two big must haves for our club. This is why we have upgraded our security services to handle payments, data storage and profile information in a contained environment.  We have also added a new contact page for those that would want to get in touch with us more personally.

We do hope that the new design and functionality is on par with everything our members desire. With these amazing new features, we would want to wish all our swingers and wife swapping couples the very best of new experiences that are exclusive to the SwingersHub.

Stay safe and happy swinging.

Team SwingersHub.

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