Velv’Or: The Company that Makes Lifestyle Products for Gentlemen & Ladies

Velv’Or: The Company that Makes Lifestyle Products for Gentlemen & Ladies

We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Jelle Plantenga, the owner of one of the world’s finest lifestyle brands Velv’Or. They have been making toys and pleasure devices for people around the world for a couple of years and we were excited to find out what they have been doing.

SwingersHub:What is your main goal?

Velv’Or: The main goal of Velv’Or is to Enrich the lives of people from around the globe.

SwingersHub: We noticed primarily products for men on your site. Why are you primarily focusing on men?

Velv’Or: You are correct about this. I, Jelle Plantenga, the owner of Velv’Or created the brand while I noticed a lack of stylish Cock Rings on the market. There were of course many Cock Rings available in 2006 when I started the brand but I missed something that was comfortable to wear so decided to created the first bended Cock Ring on the globe.

Together with a Dutch silversmith friend of mine we created the first prototype. This solid silver Cock Ring which we handcrafted in his small workshop functioned effectively and was way more comfortable to wear compared to a standard ORing but it was not comfortable enough and it did not gave the pressure on the perineum I was hoping for. So I sent the prototype to an award winning master silversmith from the UK who I just gotten in contact with. After some brainstorm session we created the JCobra an ergonomically shaped Cock Ring that follows the curves of the male body and gives a firm pressure on the perineum.

This exclusive precious metal CrownJewel for his Crown Jewels was the start of Velv’Or and based on this amazing product I created the JNaja; a 3D Printed version of the JCobra. The JNada and JNata came to life after special requests from members of the League Of EnRinged Gentlemen. The JNada is based on the request of a surgeon that loved to own a JNaja without the perineum part so he could comfortably wear it while treating his patients. The JNata is based on the request of a huge fan from the UK, he wanted to have a JNaja with an extended perineum part. The JNamo is created in a collaboration with 3D Designer Janne Kyttanen based on the iconic Möbius strip.

The JViper is there for all Stainless Steel lovers. A version of our JCobra that is handcrafted in our beloved Holland. And last but not least of the ergonomically designed Cock Rings the King JCobra. Which I created to be the real King for his King; a precious metal Gentlemen’s Ring fully handcrafted in the UK and worlds most exclusive and expensive Cock Ring on the globe. When fully set with diamonds its price tag will be over a million dollars. A CrownJewel that would proudly be worn around the owners Crown Jewels on his privately held Swinger Parties or on some organized by others.

SwingersHub: Beside the ergonomically designed Cock Rings you also have some Lasso designs, a standard ORing, a signet ring, some stretchy rings and the amazing VV X. Can you please tell us a bit about these as well?

Velv’Or: I will start with the stretchy BeauGosse CRings which I created for all beginners, intermediate and expert users of CRings that want a stylish one size fits all set of CRings for their manhood. The BG 001 for the penis, the BG 002 for the whole package and the BG 003 to give a nice stretch on the balls. A set of CRings that makes his manhood look more handsome.

The JBoa is as I call it The Ultimate Gift For Gentlemen a one size fits all Lasso Penis Ring that I created to ConStrict the base of the penis which leads to restricting blood in the erect penis. The result is a rock hard penis. This stylish lasso is made of a comfortable feeling high quality silicone in combination with a stainless steel cylinder and comes in a shiny black aluminum tube so it can be his companion everywhere he goes.

While I received some requests for different type cylinders for the JBoa I created the JBoa Specials. A series of four handcrafted cylinders, made by our Amsterdam Silversmith, that can come with our without diamonds.

On special request from a client from Asia I created the JPhytons in collaboration with our UK Silversmith. The client collects products from silver and wanted some lassos beside his Silver JCobra.

During a brainstorm session with our Amsterdam Silversmith we came up with the VV 1. A standard ORing made out of the highest quality Stainless Steel for all lovers of ORings and Steel. A CRing that comes with or without a detachable necklace and can be customized with multiple diamonds.

The VV X is based on an iconic design from the past and redesigned to make it even better and more suitable as a partner used product. The VV X will EnRich her as well as his life while it can be used to stimulate the GSpot as well as the PSpot. It will generate euphoria to the receiver.

While I myself worn a traditional signet ring with the feeling it didn’t match my personality I created the JConfessor in collaboration with our UK silversmith. It became a contemporary signet ring that can be set with pear-shaped diamonds in its shoulders. The ring itself can be made of all types of precious metals and the plate from stones or precious metal as well.

SwingersHub: We know many of our members are EnRinged and many are still in doubt to get EnRinged. What can you say to the men that are not yet EnRinged. Can you tell them the “Why to get EnRinged”?

Velv’Or: Thanks for asking this question while it is actually one of my favorite ones to answer and I recently created a Vlog about it called “Why should men be EnRinged with a Cock Ring

Over time I reckoned that I nearly always answer this question from another angle; I think I am doing this while there are so many reasons “Why to get EnRinged”. Most people think it is just for the sex but the majority of the members of Velv’Or’s League Of EnRinged Gentlemen actually wear my Cock Rings for a longer period of time. You might wonder “Why?” and the best answer to this question is to experience it yourself. One of the latest new members of the League Of EnRinged Gentlemen is a business associate of mine. He knew about my Cock Rings for years and lately finally decided to give one a try. His first feedback was “Wow it wears very comfortable, I am wearing it now for some hours and understand what you meant by this special experience when you are EnRinged.” He follow up with: “I was in a meeting with a quite nice looking lady and during the meeting not only my brains reacted… the experience was unexpectedly different; just let me say it like that.



He now understands that most men feel more manly when they are EnRinged due to the fact that they are constantly reminded of being a man. This is also why most members of the League Of EnRinged Gentlemen wear Velv’Or’s Cock Rings 24/7 or a huge amount of hours a day. Beside feeling more MAN, which partly comes from the pressure and massage of the perineum (a spot where the first chakra is also located on the male body), they also experience a better blood flow in their manhood and they recon to become more connected to their manhood. Every sensual moment in life will become more intense which starts when they see / hear people they are attracted to. On these moments their manhood always reacts but when they are not EnRinged they barely notice these reactions/moves of their manhood. My above business associate reckoned this special feeling when he was in the meeting with the lady. Experiencing this special feeling is one of the reasons to get EnRinged beside the pleasurable smile on the face of your lover after having sex with her/him while being EnRinged!

SwingersHub: Did you created Velv’Or for a specific type of man?

Velv’Or: Totally not! Many straight men think Cock Rings are only for erection aid or worn by gay men and for this reason never get EnRinged. From my perspective this is a very narrow minded thinking and one that is also not based on reality. I can tell you that the majority of Velv’Or Cock Rings are bought by men without an erection dysfunction and that they are heterosexual man mostly with an age above 40 years old.

SwingersHub: In some of your social media posts you show images of men & women that have an incredible fit body. Is this the reflection of the Velv’Or client?

Velv’Or: No totally not!! The men actually reflect me while I am that type of athletically shaped male and the women reflect the type of women I am attracted to. Velv’Or’s customers come is all shapes, sizes, ages and sexual preferences. Basically all adult people on the globe are my target group.

SwingersHub: Can you tell us why you think most members of the League Of EnRinged Gentlemen are above 40 years old.

Velv’Or: From experience I know that most of these men love to stay sexual active in life. When they are heterosexual many are inspired by their partners sex toys to also try something out. After a short browse on the www they often end up at while they are attracted to the beauty of the products.

SwingersHub: Are many of the above mentioned heterosexual men part of the swingers community or are they and their female partner thinking about joining?

Velv’Or: Funny you ask this question while this actually is the case with a nice amount of members of the League Of EnRinged Gentlemen. I know this while I am in close contact with these men and they often share their reasons why they became swingers. Others share their experiences and frustrations about their sex lives and many of these I advice beside booking a hotel room at least one day/night of the month to have sex or to consider becoming part of the swingers community to spice up their relationship/marriage and most of all sex lives.

SwingersHub: How would you like to end this interview?

Velv’Or: I like to ask all the readers of this interview to head over to the shop of Velv’Or at, the World Of Velv’Or at and to follow us on Social Media.

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