We Seduce My Wife

We Seduce My Wife

I looked across the room where Rob was dancing with my wife Susan. Dancing was probably not the correct word. It was more like a standing dry fuck; their bodies were grinding together while his hands cupped the cheeks of her ass. They were enjoying a passionate full tongued kiss as they swayed to the soft music. I was sitting across the room in the corner of the sofa, with Rob’s wife Vicki laying stretched out in front of me; her head on my lap. Her blouse was open and I was working my hand inside her half-bra fondling her tits. Her legs were spread and the hem of her skirt was just below her panty line. We were both hot and ready but were waiting for the other two to make the first move. The situation facing us was that my wife Susan had not yet consented to exploring the swinging life. She realized that we others wanted it, and while being very attracted to Rob she just had not been able to take the final step and give herself up to him. We had been in this exact situation several times previously and she had bailed out each time. Vicki, who could not see them, whispered to me, “what is he doing, has he got her panties off yet, God Jim I am so fucking horny.”

We were in Maui where we had rented a two bedroom condo right on the beach. We had been good friends with Rob and Vicki for several years. They were a much more adventurous couple than we and I yearned to join them in their quest for swinging partners. They had shared each other with other people, and both of them were very interested in Susan and I. Unknown to Susan, Rob and I had fucked Vicki together on three occasions, and I wanted more of her. It had been their plan to get me involved first in case it was I that was preventing Susan from joining in.

Rob had invited me to come for a drink at his home after golf one day. Vicki was prancing around in a bikini covered by a sheer short gown. She teased me for an hour or so and I was very aroused by the time that Rob excused himself to get something at the corner store. Within minutes Vickie was naked and on my lap facing me; her gown and bikini on the floor. She alternated tongue filled kisses with her nipples to my mouth; as my hand held her entire cunt, rubbing it and seeking her wet slit with my fingers. We fucked on the living room rug. Rob returned just after we finished and claimed the right for a wet deck with his wife. I sat on the couch and watched him strip and mount her on the floor right in front of me. God I was excited.

Despite my desire to engage in a swinger type relationship I was not real certain about how I would react if I watched Susan fucking another guy. But it certainly aroused me to see Rob playing with her and to watch her excitement build. We had come to Maui together to see if the relaxed soft lifestyle might relax Susan and bring success. It was said that frigid women became aroused in Maui, and normal women turn wild and horny. We were hoping for a positive effect on Susan and I was wondering what effect it might have on Vicki who was already looking for it most of her day. This was the night I hoped to find out.

My fingers worked the edge of Vicki’s panties pulling them aside to expose her wet swollen lips. Ah God, is there any other feeling approaching the first look and touch of a pussy ready for you personally? I ran my finger along the middle of the slit. Vicki arched her back upwards as if trying to grab my finger with her cunt lips. I slipped one finger into her and felt her close her lips on it. She was ready for anything at this point, and so was I. I looked over as Rob slowly lifted Susan’s skirt up to her hips exposing her lace mini panties. He was standing behind her; her face turned for his kiss as he slipped a hand inside her panties. I held my breath as I watched his fingers moving beneath the material; her legs spreading to allow him room to get at her slit. His full hand was holding her mound and his fingers slipped between her legs and I heard her groan with pleasure and she began to move her hips back and forth as she felt his fingers part her cunt lips.

Rob had Susan’s panties down on the floor and was kneeling in front of her and had buried his head between her legs. Susan’s back was against the wall, her bra straps were loose and she was holding her tits in her hands with her head thrown back and her eyes closed. I was thinking “don’t lose it now Rob, you are almost home.” Once Susan had a tongue in her slit she had always wanted a cock soon afterwards. Rob lifted one of her legs over his shoulder and we could hear the sound of his tongue lapping at her cunt. It was as if time stood still and the only sound was that of Susan having her pussy eaten. I knew success was near.

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