What an Amazing Great Swingers Party in Pune

What an Amazing Great Swingers Party in Pune

We just wrapped up another great swingers party and it was absolutely amazing. I dont know how such social gatherings can be so much fun. Pune surely has some great high class swingers and wife swapping couples.

When we first approached SwingersHub to host an independent wife swapping swingers party, we did not know what to expect. We felt like this was going to be a boring one without help. But then the crew from this swingers club gave us the best tips of how to host this party. It was surely great. We learnt how to host, keep food always stocked, keep protecton handy and how to converse with couples around us. The first set of couples joined us around 11PM at Koregaon Park and then we were joined by a few more. By 1230, there were so many couples around that we knew that we were having fun. One thing led to another and this Pune swingers party kicked off with a spark.

Couples got wild after the initial chit chat and then let their hair down. There was this one really hot wife who wanted to know how to swing since this was her first party. We were so eager to teach other. What we later realized was that she was the one really teaching us. Her husband and she were role playing and it was hot. The skirt fell off, the pants were unzipped and before we knew it, there was a massive orgy going on. We hope that these pictures do justice of what we believe was Pune’s best swingers party till date. We hope that we can meet more swingers in and around Pune and Mumbai who are looking for wife swapping partners.

If you guys are a couple or single male or female and if you are genuinely interested in meeting up for these swingers parties, let us know. Give us your SwingersHub id and we will love to get in touch with you for our next party. Till next time, Au Revoir.

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