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What is Swinging?
Why SwingersHub?
  • Swinging is an adult lifestyle option that is practiced by thousands of couples around the world. It involves the terms soft-swap
    and hard-swap and inclues couples, singles and groups spending intimate moments with each other. These moments may be sexual or
    non-sexual in nature. What needs to be understood is that swinging, or wife swapping, as it is commonly known is a completely optional
    form of a lifestyle that needs to be understood before one can be a part of it. We highly recommend our members to understand the
    essentials of couple sharing and wife swapping so that they are prepared well in advance for any expectations they may have from couple sharing experiences.
  • Over the years, the SwingersHub has grown to become one of the largest wife swapping and couple sharing networks on the web.
    We have more than 100,000 couples registered that partner with the people they intend to meet. We have successfully hosted numerous parties
    and wife swapping get togethers where women, men and cuckold couples from around the world come together to find people they want to meet.
    We offer our members with complete security options so that they are always in control of what they share online. Additionally, we also
    offer our members with all premium services. We do not charge for any add-on services or in-app features.


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